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07-19-2010, 07:37 PM



Products Number/ Item Name / Quantity

FH 700120 700Renown (for Trumpeter) 6 pieces

FH 700190 700Akizuki (for Fujimi) 4 pieces

FH 700191 700Akizuki Flight Deck(for Fujimi) 1 piece

FH 700207 700Soryu Flight Deck(for AOSHIMA) 6 pieces

FH 700181 700 USN Anti-Sub Equipment 1 piece

FH 700213 700 IJN AircraftCarrierMastsetI (Akagi Kaga Soryu Ryujo) 1 piece

FH 700214 700 IJN AircraftCarrierMastsetII (Taiyo Unyo Katsuragi Shinano Yokosuka Zuikaku Kiyo Chuyo Unryu Amagi Soryu Shokaku Zuiho Shoho) 1 piece

FH 700215 700 IJN AircraftCarrierMastsetIII (Junyo Kaga Ryujo Hiyo Taiho Soryu-latter) 1 piece

FH 700216 700 IJN AircraftCarrierMastsetIV (Chitose Chiyoda) 1 piece

FH 700217 700 IJN Aircraft I (for Lion Roar ) 2 pieces

These are Flyhawkmodel's new products of July, we hope you can support us and give us some advice! If you are interested in these products, you can consult our dealers or distributors; or you can also e-mail to cqmhtd@yahoo.com.cn if you have any problems about our products!

07-26-2010, 02:06 AM
The Bright Spot of Renown
Radar:1. Contains all the radar configuration of this vessel.
2.Strict reference work.
3.Abundant details.
4.Convenient manipulation.