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04-05-2010, 02:51 PM
Clear and Color Dyed castings for AMT/Round 2 kit of the Vulcan Shuttle "Surak"

Kit # S972 (old) #AMT641 (new)
As seen in the movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture the Vulcan diplomatic Shuttle carried Mr Spock to the USS Enterprise that was on its way to stop some sort of big threatening "thing" from bothering the Federation. Seen but for 44 seconds on film the shuttle Surak separated from a Warp Drive FTL sled and docked with the USS Enterprise. Upon boarding and accepting a re-instated Star Fleet Commission Mr Spock and Engineer Scott sorted out the refitted Enterprise Warp Drive problems.

Now the intrepid Star Trek modeler can bring the model to light up as if at FTL Warp Speeds with clear blue (2) Main Power Flux Grills, clear red (2) Power Stage Grills and (2) clear Impulse Engine thrust vents.

These casting are placed onto the model by cutting and converting the plastic kit. Parts of the kit must be cut-away to install the new clear parts. This would be at Skill Level 4 modeling tasks that require the use of a motor tool with #70 drill bits, cutter tools, sanding drums. Hand tools like Flat files and sanding tools as well. Illustrated instructions are provided with lighting tips, tools used and recommended electronics resources.

DLM-7.0 Vulcan Shuttle Surak/ Warp Sled Lighting

Follow the parts installation building and lighting of the Shuttle Surak at the DLM Flickr photo archives: