View Full Version : 1:72 V-19 Torrent from Fantastic Plastic

06-23-2009, 06:44 AM
Fantastic Plastic has just released its 1:72 V-19 Torrent fighter kit. This is one of several new spacecraft designs created by Lucasfilm for its "Clone Wars" movie and TV series.

Our Torrent kit was patterned by Alfred Wong and cast by Mana Studios. It features 16 pieces, including a clear resin canopy and pilot figure. The kit has been cleverly engineered so that the wings and tail can swivel as per the actual fighter design. There's also an extensive decal sheet by JBOT that makes painting a snap. (The decals are comparable to those Fine Molds produced for its 1:72 Jedi Fighter kit.)

We're selling the V-19 Torrent for just $55 plus shipping. For more information, please visit:


Thanks for looking!