View Full Version : 38 inch Super Star Destroyer Repop (image heavy)

05-17-2012, 02:52 PM
I'm Now producing the 38 inch Ravenstar Superstar destroyer for The pattern owner Joe Knight, Under my company name, Multiverse Studios.
Timeslip has been kind enough to handle the Casting of the kit for me, all parts will be pressure cast, and I have been told the castings are very very top Notch. Anyone who knows the Kits Timeslip puts out knows that George accepts nothing less then Perfection.

I'll be releasing them again to the public at Wonderfest, They'll be on the Federation Models table in limited Quantities (13 + 1 preview casting that will be blue tacked together to show parts layout) for the time being Simply because i will not have the time to handle sales myself with the other client obligations i have for the Weekend

The price for the show will be 445$.

Get'm there so you can save on shipping. I was told it takes roughly 50$ to ship this thing within the us so that's a HUGE savings on the kit.

When stock runs out at the show, Please feel free to contact me directly and I'll place names on a pre order list on a first come first serve basis, Castings will ship out asap after the show depending on the number of pre orders received.

If you want one but don't want to pick it up from federation models, Tell me here via PM Before Next Tuesday night and I'll bring one to you, or meet you and deliver at the show Until supplies run out ( 6 of the ones available are staying with Fed models one way or another)

Here are pictures of the Master.
The base seen in some pictures will not be used in the kit, Feed back suggested that most people never used it, and made their own custom base for the kit so i left it out to reduce overall price by a small amount.

05-20-2012, 01:35 AM
So, George just informed me that the castings on this thing will cost more then initially expected, Apparently this bad boy has around 7 lbs of resin in teh full kit, Meaning tha tthe advertised price for wonderfest, is now a Wonderfest only Special, once supplies are gone that price will no longer be available. Am not sure what the price jump will be at the moment, probably in the 500$ range once its all said and done. Also, Any pre orders taken at wonderfest after the initial stock sells out, will be sold at the higher price.

Get'm while the gettings good on this price Guys!


06-22-2012, 04:41 PM
It is a beautiful kit. Are you planning on casting the 1/20000 SD like Ravenstar or a more detailed version?

07-17-2012, 10:08 PM
Price update
The kit now sells for 490$ plus shipping
Shipping in the lower 48 is 55$ via Fedex ground.
International or overseas Quotes will have to be gathered for shipping, But assume it's going to be above 100$.

It was brought to my attention, and i also see i was asked here ( sorry for not responding sooner, I've been away for a while)
That the images i posted show a scale Star destroyer as well, I hadn't noticed this prior and would have mentioned it sooner if i had.

The Star Destroyer pictured is not included with the kit. I apologize for any confusion to that matter. The pattern owner and myself have discussed producing an in scale Star Destroyer with this kit, But at this moment nothing is in the works or decided on for sure.