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09-18-2011, 01:59 PM
LOST may be over on the airwaves but its still very much alive in the hands of Troy McDevitt in partnership with Titan Find. Ok, so it not a starship but its still cool! Troy is working hard on the next installment of the LOST series of caricatures and next up is the gorgeous Kate!!!

Check out these WIP pictures here! (http://homepage.mac.com/szarchie/titanfind/images/lost/kate_in_progress.jpg) or click on the image below. Still some work to do but you can see that Troy has nailed the likeness once again. Can't wait to see the final sculpt.

http://homepage.mac.com/szarchie/titanfind/images/lost/kate_thumb.jpg (http://homepage.mac.com/szarchie/titanfind/images/lost/kate_in_progress.jpg)

In anticipation of the release of Kate I am having a sale on the other LOST kits and the more you buy the better the deal!!

LOST Sale: Check out the line of kits here! (http://homepage.mac.com/szarchie/titanfind/lost.htm). You can choose from Hurley, Sawyer or Locke!!!
1 kit Regular price is $55 + S&H. Sale price is $40 + S&H
2 Kits Regular price is $110 + S&H. Sale price is $75 + S&H
3 Kits Regular price is $165 + S&H. Sale price is $100 + S&H

If you are interested please send me an email (titanfind@gmail.com) as the shopping cart on the site does not reflect the above discounts

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