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06-20-2011, 09:32 AM

Returning to the Trek kit aftermarket is the conversion kit for the famous AMT (Round 2) Klingon Bird of Prey. The Wing Hinge Baffles, originally designed by M-Factory’s Coby Lorang (Coby-Wan) The baffle parts parts are now reproduced in .030 gauge black acryilc plastic sheet ... Laser cut precisely by Matt Davis of Laserfire Creations. The plates are now made with a tough and yet flexable plastic that naturally slides very easy past each other. Your Klingon Bird of Prey's wings will articulate up and down from Weapons firing mode...Cruise at horizontal... and Up for landed at planetfall.

Included are resin cast mounting racks and precut brass barstock from DLM produced for Creature Arts Studios. The kit comes with the original illustrated instructions.

The finer points of the conversion kit includes....
•26 Center core Laser Cut baffle plates
Sequence numbered, Parts 1 and 26 end plates with slots.
•23 each of Left and Rght Laser cut Wing plates labled L and R.
• 4 Wing Plate Ends L and R with fine line laser engraved detail
•4 resin cast support mounting racks racks.
2 Center core racks. 2 Wing mounting racks.
•4 Pre-cut Brass bar stock 3/32 x 1 5/8 lengths.

This is a Skill Level 4 conversion kit requireing modification to the AMT (R2) kit.
Tools like files, razor saws, sanding blocks and use of CA glues for assembly

You can view the original instruction Jpegs here along with a animated video here

DLM-35.2 KBOP Wing Hinge Kit $77.77