View Full Version : FP's 1:288 "Convair Nexus Mega-Booster" Now Available

11-16-2010, 07:54 AM
Ah, the 1960s were heady times. Even as NASA was gearing up to land a man on the moon, its contractors already had their eyes on what lay beyond.

Among the era's top visionaries was Convair's Kraft Ehricke, the German emigre who designed a bunch o' classic "concept spacecraft" for Strombecker. (You can still find some of these as Glencoe kits.) In 1962, he proposed the largest booster ever conceived: The Nexus. A massive Single-Stage-to-Orbit booster that could return to earth and land vertically, the Nexus would have had enough power to hurl 900 tons into orbit. Among its possible missions was to lift a manned Mars ship into space.

Fantastic Plastic Models is pleased to release the first-ever kit of this amazing spacecraft. Our 1:288 kit was designed in CAD by our resident aerospace maven Scott Lowther and cast by Masterpiece Models. Decals are by JBOT. The kit contains 71 pieces and stands an impressive 17 inches tall upon completion.

Selling for $150.00 plus shipping, the Convair Nexus Mega-Booster is available now through the Fantastic Plastic Virtual Museum Store:


Thanks for looking!