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Long overdue update.

So I began to work on the arms two months ago. The kit articulation was very simplified and inaccurate. I'm actually very impressed with the thought that ILM put into this cgi model in that regard, although there are lots of "mistakes" I noticed when looking at reference in slo mo.
So the Kit allows the shoulder only one range of motion - forward flexion in a 360 degree range parallel to the torso. There is no abduction/adduction, or internal/external rotation.
Studying the reference, I noticed that ILM incorporates three separate "shoulder" joints to provide all three motions, diagrammed here...

I cut the tops of the pieces off as shown...

I also cut off the Round shoulder pieces molded onto the torso, and passed a brass rod through the area to form the pivot point for the Forward Flexion joint...

Then the "drums" were cut and a rectangular stud was placed in the middle, from which the "abduction/adduction" joint will articulate...

The female portion of this joint was made as a "u" shaped rectangle of laminated styrene. This connected with the upper arm stubs with a single piece of floral wire through the center, which acts like a pivot for the Internal/External Rotation range of motion...
I also removed the "piston" that was premolded, since it had a bad mold line and was not quite accurate, replacing it with a piece made from brass rods...

And that completes the UPPER ARMS...

The Lower arms were slightly less complicated, but I had to replace both the elbow joints and the wrist joints. I removed this section from the wrist...

and replaced it with a spherical bead.
The elbow joint was filled, and a brass rod was added. Where the elbow connects to the upper arm, I made a new disc of laminated styrene, into which the pivot passed, allowing the forearm to rotate (pronate/supinate), and the disc rotated allowing elbow flexion/extension. A "junction" piece was also added to fill the separation of upper arm/forearm, as seen here on the "real" model.

The fingers were all replaced with sheet styrene and brass rod, molded into the necessary poses to grip the blaster. The hand was then reattached to the wrist with wire, to allow posability.

Final results of the forearm/hand....

And the whole piece thus far, just need to pose the right shoulder and then its pretty much time to paint all the subassemblies...
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