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Default Re: Return of the Suite of the Living Dead: WonderFest 2011

WTF?!? You didn't take me on the dinner cruise! So, that begs the question of just who you did take, you heartless bitch!

Originally Posted by Trekriffic View Post
The wife and I are (hopefully) travelling in May to stay a week with her cousin and husband who live outside Louisville. So, assuming nothing bad happens between now and then, it looks like I'll be able to see the show one day while we're there. Hope to finally be able to meet a lot of you strange and wonderful characters while in attendance!
Awesome news! Make sure to get at least two of our cell numbers so you can get in touch w/us. It's a busy weekend and there's no telling what might be going on, who might be where and whether or not we bailed Jon outta jail again.

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