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Default Re: Digital Paintings

These are all great. Love the original designs on those ships, especially!

Originally Posted by talon View Post
Its very good, but some of the buildings in the distance bother me a little. The foreground appears to be a night scene, but the buildings in the distance have the coloring of distance effects during the day, which contradicts the appearance of a dusk/early dawn setting in the foreground. If dusk or dawn is the correct setting, then to me, those distant buildings should be black, silhouetting against the sky behind it. If its supposed to be daytime, then the ground should be lighter in appearance, with more color contrast in the texture to bring out the subtleties of varied building materials and also have a much brighter sky.

Please dont take my criticism as an attack. If you're in a design class you should be used to the critique, and having a BFA in Studio Art I'm hoping you'll be open to a proper critique in addition to the many dropped jaws and drooling you'll get from this audience.
Perhaps he's just going for the whole "contrast" thing so that the background buildings stand out better? There's also the whole "artistic license" thing to keep in mind, I'd think.

I'm enjoyin' it for what it is - some fun-lovin' art that gets my imagation runnin'.


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