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Default Re: How Far Enough?

Originally Posted by AbsoluteSciFi View Post
How far is TOO far when honesty is concerned?
We all want (for the most part) to get better at modeling,
but sometimes a post has an abrasive quality when
being totally frank about facts. I am guilty of this from
time to time, but for the most part, I try to provide
a rational for the reality I am bringing to the table.
This is how WIP section's description reads:

Finished or WIP Projects
Tired of getting "nice job" in your threads? Feel like you are not being challenged to improve your builds? Post them here for brutally honest critiques from our members. If you don't take criticism well, don't post here!!

When a person reads that, its like open season
on amateur build day. What limits are there if any?
I know that when I have gone too far, but MY limits
are often far beyond what some would say are tolerable...
even though the disclaimer says "If you don't take
criticism well, don't post here!!"
I think you've gone too far when you feel your posted comments are going to incite a response from the modeler (or other forum participants reading the thread) in the same tone and manner you put out there.

I think a person had a good handle on the response before hitting the Return Key on the keyboard, and decides whether or not it is worth it to do so.

Personally, it does matter a great deal to me when a person posts feedback of any nature. I admit openly that it does matter a great deal to me too when the poster knows and has demonstrated that they are a competent modeler in the genre being discussed, and has posted work of their own for discussion/scrutiny.

To me, a critique section invites modelers of all levels to participate, to be sure - BUT - it is not a one-way street. You step up to post your commentary, you should expect an interchange of ideas, thoughts and commentary. Hell, YOU do not know what the modeler has/had cookin' in their brain while working on the model. If you don't expect the modeler to take offense at your observations, then don't take offense when the modeler responds to your commentary. Just as you feel your observations are valid, well-founded and well-intentioned regardless of your modeling experience or subject matter knowledge - then - equally accept the fact that the modeler of the subject under discussion had/has the same conviction(s) about what they're doing too. They posted it to share and open up avenues for discussion in the first place.

Comments about being "thin-skinned" feels like the "elitist" tag placed on modelers - totally dependant on a certain point of view. I've seen a range of what's labeled "thin-skinned" and understand the tag just like "elitist", but a truly Adult Discussion Forum doesn't need to point it out. Just like you shouldn't need to post your resume before you comment, neither should you hold that "thin-skinned" lightning bolt in the other hand when you receive feedback on your comment(s).

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