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Default Re: My Raise the Titanic Film Replica Model

Originally Posted by GoldCylon View Post
Loved the movie and your build. A true mystery on its condition till she really was found.
Thank you.

The excuse at the time of the movie and pre-production was that the ship was largely intact. In fact, there was a huge amount of evidence to say that the ship had broke her back during sinking. Even during the inquiries into the sinking in May 1912, the question of her breaking apart was brought up. Her surviving senior second officer, Charles Lightoller was questioned about the sinking. He conclude that the ship sank "intact" from beneath him. Lightoller was washed off the roof around the #1 funnel and sucked into the grating around the air vent around the base of the #1 funnel. He finally was blown free and managed to scramble aboard the lifeboat he was helping to free from the ship. He was not in the location of the ship breaking apart. His comments did not go unheard and was taken as fact the ship had sunk in one piece, dispite a wealth of wreckage retrieved by the ships charted by the White Star Line to recover the dead bodies. Huge interior panels, grand staircase support columns, barber shop pole, dining room chairs, all from deep within the interior of the ship. Not to mention the huge amount of insulation cork that covered the water after the ship had gone down. Blasted out as she broke.
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