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Eagle-1 07-03-2014 06:45 PM

MOEBIUS 1/32 TOS Colonial Viper.
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I posted this on my facebook page, but it can be done MUCH better here, so let's do that.

A few weeks ago there was a modeling event that happens every year called "Wonderfest". I've never been, but I ALWAYS hear how great it is. One of these years I may have to show up at this thing so that I can see just how "wonderful" this "fest" really is. In fact, I'm making plans right now.

This year, a VERY good friend of mine's WIFE picked me up a kit of the MOEBIUS 1:32 Colonial Viper. I'm very sure my friend is the one who did this for me, but he flatly refuses to admit that HE cares about me AT ALL and had it not been for his Wife's very gracious nature, I wouldn't have gotten squat. "Squat" isn't even the real word he uses to describe what I "wouldn't" have got.

I want to THANK BOTH OF Y'ALL SO VERY MUCH. I very much appreciate this gift more than I could ever say. The name of this "mystery" friend is being withheld because I do not want to say who it is without permission to do so.

Anyway, one of the stipulations was that I do a review of this kit. I didn't even want to ever open it since it was a gift, but after several collections notices, I had to comply.

We'll call this a "Redneck Review" (tm).

First, along with the kit, I was also sent the ParaGrafix photo etch set produced by
Paul H. Bodensiek ( and a set of painting masks produced by AZTEK DUMMY ( I don't know the name of the owner of Aztec Dummy, so I can't add that here. We'll look at those closer shortly.

The first part of this review (which will be picture heavy) will be to show off what I received in the mail.

Not too shabby!


Eagle-1 07-03-2014 07:41 PM

Re: MOEBIUS 1/32 TOS Colonial Viper.
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Opening the box, you'll find 5 individual sealed plastic bags containing a total of 7 sprue with 42 individual parts, 1 sheet of decals, 1 instruction pamphlet/booklet and one reproduced pre-production print by Ralph McQuarrie.

The AZTEC DUMMY masks I was sent will replace these decals. These masks are pre-cut templates applied like masking tape which allows one to replace decals with paint.

From initial inspection the kit parts look very nice. The only comparison to this kit has always been the Monogram/Revell examples that have been released over the years and this (in my opinion) has that kit beat. Although slightly smaller than you may picture this kit before you open the box, the detail is excellent.


Eagle-1 07-04-2014 08:47 PM

Re: MOEBIUS 1/32 TOS Colonial Viper.
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That's about it for the "What's in the kit box" part of this review. The model looks well made with plenty parts, the instructions appear straight forward, the molding looks nice and it will build into a model that will be recognized (by us) as being a Colonial Viper from the original series "Battlestar Galactica".

Let's take this review into more of something that I think everyone really would like to know. There has already been a couple of reviews of this kit compared to the Monogram/Revell versions, so let's deviate a little.

Since we as science fiction modelers are always looking for models that match what we saw in the actual shows (or maybe I speak for myself, but I certainly want that), let's do some comparisons to the actual filming miniature used in the series and see just how close this kit will please us in that regard.

This will not be comprehensive because I don't know quite what to do to display what I would like to, but I did make some crude comparisons in MSPaint. The top picture in this collage is of a studio shot of the filming miniature that originated at the studio. The second picture is from a screen grab from one of the episodes which matches the studio shot exactly in proportions, as it should. The third is a simple drawing I made in MSPaint by tracing over that studio shot years ago. The fourth picture in the attachment is the Moebius model itself, taped together tightly so that I could get a descent rear profile for these comparisons. All along the right of the picture I have sliced the picture of the taped together Moebius model against those shots of the originals.

If any of that makes sense, you should be able to see some slight differences in the Moebius model and the filming models?

I hope you can see what I'm showing here. There are discrepancies, most notably the angle of the wings. I'll be adjusting those on mine. There are also differences in the rear panel details. I will also try to correct some of that on my build, but that may be a complete scratchbuild.

Anyway, if there are any more things to note, I'll get into those when I build this kit. I've asked y'all to read enough already.


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