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Captain Han Solo 04-14-2013 12:15 PM

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Just scored this NEW kit from Polar Lights...When I finish with it, it will feature a full lighting package.

Dr. Yo 04-14-2013 12:58 PM

Re: My C-57D BUILD
Good luck with it!

Captain Han Solo 04-14-2013 01:10 PM

Re: My C-57D BUILD
Some quick dry fitting..."Like a Glove!!"

Captain Han Solo 04-14-2013 05:43 PM

Re: My C-57D BUILD
Here are several pictures of the unlit/unpainted model in Flight mode and Landing and landing with gear down...

You can see the Cage within the drive section...

LastBattlestar 04-15-2013 12:31 AM

Re: My C-57D BUILD
Did the same person design the Jupiter 2?


Dr. Yo 04-15-2013 06:38 AM

Re: My C-57D BUILD
Good question, that.

I didn't realize this was the new 1/144 scale kit. very nice looking indeed.

U-boater 04-15-2013 07:13 AM

Re: My C-57D BUILD

Does the landing gear retract?

What paints will you be using on it?

HWR MKII 04-15-2013 09:14 AM

Re: My C-57D BUILD
Are there stairways on all 3 of the landing legs? the larger kit didnt have that though it should have.

Captain Han Solo 04-15-2013 10:27 AM

Re: My C-57D BUILD

In between client builds of a Moebius Jupiter 2 and a Polar Lights Jupite2, I came up with a uniform IN SCALE lighting for the Engine.

I air brushed the Clear inserts for the "Cage" with my new IWATA air brush clear red. Then with some extra lighting stuff I had on hand riged my own lighting. I think I have the rotating cage issue figured out as well, but have to get back to the other builds...

Captain Han Solo 04-15-2013 02:55 PM

Re: My C-57D BUILD

Here are several profile shots of the C-57D. While working on my Jupiter 2's I also airbrushed the first coat of Tamiya Silver....

Here is the main Access area..

And a rear loading area...

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