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Hectors House 10-20-2017 04:50 AM

Star Trek Discovery - Engage Fungus drive!
Ok everyone,

5 episodes down and what do we all think?

Neb 10-20-2017 02:43 PM

Re: Star Yrek Discovery - Engage Fungus drive!
Disclaimer: From episode 1 I went in completely discarding everything about the Trek I've known for 50 years.

Based on that, I love it. The character development gets better every week. Love the look----including Discovery, which is certainly easier on the eyes than Voyager. (IMO)

The fungus drive is waaay out there, but it should be. :thumbsup:

Don't give me reworked story lines--- give me something that I don't know where it's going.:)

It's got my attention-- I hope it stays the course....:D

lakespeed 10-21-2017 03:40 PM

Re: Star Trek Discovery - Engage Fungus drive!
I agree with everything George said. It's different and I like that. Hopefully they keep it fresh and entertaining.

Hectors House 10-22-2017 09:25 AM

Re: Star Trek Discovery - Engage Fungus drive!
Oh No.
Sorry guys I HATE IT!
The only good characters are the Klingons. It's reached a point where I couldn't care less about Starfleet

I just want to know how the Klingon Empire becomes fully United. This is definately the only story arch I have any sympathy or interest in.

Nice spaceship designs though...

As Jason Issacs once said...
"Libirate tu-te mai ex-inferis"

Neb 10-22-2017 04:37 PM

Re: Star Trek Discovery - Engage Fungus drive!

Originally Posted by Hectors House (Post 293402)
Oh No.
Sorry guys I HATE IT!

No need to apologize--- everybody has their likes and dislikes! :cool:

Raytheon 10-24-2017 11:28 AM

Re: Star Trek Discovery - Engage Fungus drive!
To open, I'm not really a trek fan as such but to throw in my thoughts...

Have to say that up to episode 6 and it's not really doing anything either way for me overall.

There are some decent points in the characterisation and development of the Discovery crew (Burnham, Lorca, Stamets, Tilly etc. ) but that's about it from a cast perspective.

The Klingons, they all sound like they are having trouble speaking most of the time. T'Kuvma sounds like he has a bad cold. It just seems like they are actors speaking the words with little to no feeling in how it's conveyed. Just doesn't sell the richly complex warrior race thing they appear to be trying to get across from my perspective.

Not that impressed with the design for the Discovery, it's mediocre at best to my eyes and brain. I think the final turn off in it's design was the spinning upper and lower primary hull during the crank up and cool down of the spore drive. Looked more like a fuckin' cheap and badly lit fairground ride than a Starship hull.

Have to say that moment got a solid 'oh you have got to be fuckin' kidding me' verbal assessment.

The stories so far, kinda wavers here and there between the line that separates 'mildly enjoyable parts' and 'is anything of any interest at all actually going to happen sometime soon?'

I'll see it through this opening season because like anything else, it deserves a fair shake so that it will be given from me as far as going the full first season.
But that's as far as I go if it doesn't strike an overall chord for me.

Hectors House 10-28-2017 07:26 AM

Re: Star Trek Discovery - Engage Fungus drive!
My wife hates it too.
The ship is stupid, why change the Klingon - AGAIN!
Why is the technology better than Voyager?
Has anyone on the staff even watched an episode of Star Trek?

Hectors House 10-28-2017 07:31 AM

Re: Star Trek Discovery - Engage Fungus drive!
Ian's view on Episode 6 are valid.
Although I'm still finding little sympathy with any Starfleet characters.
Oh and where's the jepordy in threatening a character that we know doesn't die until the 24th Century.

777 11-05-2017 03:10 AM

Re: Star Trek Discovery - Engage Fungus drive!
I agree with both neb and Raytheon. The spore drive activation ship spinning is a bit lame imo, but I’m happy to,disregard previous history to enjoy a good story. I imagine they are trying to create a new universe similar to what marvel has done.

Vidar710 11-05-2017 06:05 AM

Re: Star Trek Discovery - Engage Fungus drive!
Ive had the luxury of having access to CBS Access, so I’ve watched every episode so far.

For me, it has to feel like Trek, and this doesn’t. They could completely drop the Trek name, and Star Fleet background story and I could enjoy this as a new SciFi adventure. But being call Star Trek gets under my skin.

I will not be watching season 2.


Hectors House 11-08-2017 04:51 AM

Re: Star Trek Discovery - Engage Fungus drive!
Well this week we had 5 mins of the all consuming war...
Then it turned into ' the Happening'.
Jason Isaacs was on UK morning tv. He says it will pick up for season 2 - or is that season 1.5?
He did confirm there will be more though.

george 11-10-2017 08:09 PM

Re: Star Trek Discovery - Engage Fungus drive!
I have to say that I am a techno T.V freak. That said, I `ve watched the original trek, till today`s version and I am a little confused. Star Trek Discovery is supposed to be prequel to the original Star trek with Kirk, yes? How come it is more hi tech than the original Enterprise?
Also I just noticed in the last episode , forgot the number, with the second in command and the former second in command who started the war, again sorry can`t remember names well. The episode had them on a planet with spore like creatures that emit sound that drives the current second in command a little piece like nuts. Well going back to the original Star trek, they were on a planet with plants that also emitted spores that gave everyone "luvy feelings, like they were stoned" but try to remove them and they got aggressive, sort of like this episode, similar YES.
I am having a hard time seeing this as a prequel to Star Trek without a Good drink BUT I have to admit I am a techno junkie and will watch to see what else happens.

BUT there is NO way with ALL the on screen tech, this will pass as a Star Trek Prequel.


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