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solobob 09-04-2013 10:20 AM

Minicraft 1/350th Deluxe RMS Titanic
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Hi all. Normally just been posting in the Sci-fi area but had to re-visit this model. I had one of the original releases years ago and due to financial reasons let it go on ebay half finished.:mad: So here I am, a self confessed Titanic nutter about to be very happy with which will probably be a better end result than the first so all's good.
Getting in early on this thread though as I haven't received the model yet :wtf:or all the available photoetch and brass propellers that I ordered separately. I will be lighting this model as well.

So, in the mean time I got warmed up on this little number.
Wifey saw it at Aldi supermarket and thought I would like it for Fathers Day. I was quite surprised seeing my only real child is our cat but who can argue with a surprise present. :D

It's a 3D puzzle made of 397 pieces in 12 sheets of foam printed paper. (not really sure how else to describe it) The only brand name I can see is Charmland Culture Development Co Ltd. It measures 103cm L x 21cm H x 19cm W. Simply punch the pieces from the sheets and follow the printed numbers. Came with very basic instructions and is for ages 6+. (questionable):rolleyes:
Never really tried anything like this and really quite enjoyed it for something different.
Will be going over it again though to maybe remove or tidy up some of the protruding tabs and colour all the joins, creases and visible numbers. Probably going to glue some places as well that are a bit loose fitting as I won't be dismantling it like you would a jigsaw puzzle.
Not really a model as such but just thought I'd share and will post more pics when I've done the final details.

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I reckon this style of manufacturing could be used to make sets/dioramas to use with our models. Would definitely buy BSG sets if they did them. Anyone out there hearing this that has the know how?

Please stay tuned for my build of the Minicraft Models version once it arrives. :hammer:
Thanks for looking.

The Cat 09-04-2013 11:04 AM

Re: Minicraft 1/350th Deluxe RMS Titanic
That's just plain cool. You had fun (which is the number one aim of our hobby!) and it IS a model. It may not be styrene or resin, but who cares?

Mrs Cat may end up wanting one of those!

solobob 09-04-2013 08:33 PM

Re: Minicraft 1/350th Deluxe RMS Titanic
Thanks for that. And at a princely sum of only $10.00, bargain.:D

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